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It's time to 
It's time to achieve your ideal weight through building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for you!

One that works with your preferences and doesn't make you give up all of your favorite foods...

...or leave you hungry, cranky and craving crazy!
Have you gained weight in midlife and beyond and just can't lose it?
Do you feel like you've tried every diet, had some success, but then gained all the weight back again?
Are you unhappy with the person you see in the mirror every day?

Are you ready for a different approach? 
One that will allow you to achieve your ideal weight without food restrictions, hunger pains and misery?

Through my own weight loss journey and working with women just like you
 I have developed what I call my 
5 Pillars for Weight Loss Success
in midlife and beyond.

It's my mission to help women get off the diet roller coaster, 
build sustainable personalized healthy lifestyles that work for them 
and lead to weight loss through overall improved health and wellness.  

The Five Pillars

The hormonal changes we experience in our late 40s or early 50s change the way our bodies work. The decline in estrogen that occurs at menopause impacts other critical hormones that control how much fat we store, where we store fat, our hunger levels and our satiety. 

All this means that the way we lose weight needs to change too. 

Diets just don't work anymore - and why I developed the 5 Pillars. 


Losing weight in midlife and beyond requires a nutrient-dense diet that works for you. That's designed with your food tastes and preferences in mind. That works with your lifestyle and doesn't require drastic restrictions of certain foods - while still allowing you to have your favorite foods.


As we age the exercise we do needs to change and be appropriate. But we do need to exercise, daily. We need strong muscles and bones and a strong, healthy cardiovascular system.  The right exercise program is essential. 


Appropriate hydration is critical to health - and weight loss. As with diets, there is no one set amount for everyone. Your hydration needs are based on your body type and activity levels and are personal to you. 


Managing our stress is vital for our health - and weight loss. Chronic stress causes inflammation in our bodies which contributes to a host of chronic diseases. A daily stress-management practice is essential in our midlife years and beyond. 


The importance of sleep to our health and wellbeing is more understood now than every before. Our bodies and our brains needs quality, restorative sleep to recover and repair themselves from the rigors of our daily lives. As with nutrition and hydration there is no one-size-fits-all and the amount of sleep you need is personal to you and your lifestyle. 

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